In diners across the country, countless patrons come looking for delicious and hearty meals to start their day on the right foot. One of the most in-demand items found on diner menus in Yardley, PA, and beyond that strikes that balance is the corned beef hash. Bridging the gap between delectable beef brisket, nicely browned potatoes, and a perfectly fried egg on top requires a deft hand and a can-do attitude to make homemade corned beef hash. 

Know the Components — Starting With the Beef

The best ways to cook corned beef hash always start with the star of the dish — the beef. How you handle the main protein helps set the tone for the rest of the meal and dictates the rest of your prep time. A good recipe usually includes a few different options for cooking the beef, depending on whether you are starting from square one or utilizing leftovers. 

Leftover corned beef from the night before can help cut down on your morning cooking time and help you avoid food waste. Repurposing what you have in your fridge allows you more time to focus on the additional components while knowing the star of the show is ready to go when you need to add it. 

Pick the Right Kind of Potatoes

All potatoes are delicious, but some lend themselves to this particular meal more than others. If you want your corned beef hash crispy, choosing a potato that can withstand the combination of high heat, juices, and the rest of the cooking process can make or break your dish. 

The best ways to cook a corned beef hash from scratch always include utilizing a waxy potato over one high in starch. Red, white, and Yukon gold potatoes are the class of the waxy category, while something as universally used as a russet potato doesn’t quite hold up as well as others. 

Prevent It From Drying Out

Every corned beef hash recipe has specific tips and tricks to help prevent the meat from drying out before you have the chance to make the perfect bite. As little as 15 minutes can mean the difference between being perfectly cooked or a dried-out mess. However, there is one specific trick to help keep your beef as juicy as possible. 

Traditionally, this comfort food classic is made the day after a big dinner of corned beef and cabbage. The leftover corned beef gets mixed with your crispy potatoes and receives the egg on top to provide the gooey component to help moisten things up. Storing what you want to use in the morning in the residual juices helps keep it tasty. 

Add Veggies, If You Want

The most common corned beef hash recipes include three main ingredients — beef, crispy potatoes, and a fried egg. However, the basics can go with various other elements to help elevate it into a more nutritious breakfast staple. Incorporating bell peppers, onions, scallions, or cooked carrots gives your meal more texture and flavor while freshening up your diner classic. 

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